Regional data

This endpoint returns the number of jobs advertised in the sub-regions of any location. You can also use the category parameter to limit the result set to jobs for a given category.

For all the technical details, including a complete parameter listing and a playground to make test calls, please visit the jobs/{country}/geodata documentation.

Example: Number of jobs in West Midlands{YOUR API ID}&app_key={YOUR API KEY}&location0=UK&location1=West%20Midlands&content-type=application/json

The response contains a list of all child locations of "West Midlands" as well as their job count:

  "__CLASS__": "Adzuna::API::Response::JobGeoData",
  "locations": [
      "__CLASS__": "Adzuna::API::Response::LocationJobs",
      "count": 10978,
      "location": {
        "__CLASS__": "Adzuna::API::Response::Location",
        "area": [
          "West Midlands",
        "display_name": "Birmingham, West Midlands"
    .... more child locations here ...

Tip: A useful resource in this page is the location object (class: Adzuna::API::Response::Location). The elements of the nested area array are the ones you should use when you need to make a location-specific query using the locationN (where N = 0,1,2,etc...) parameters.

Adzuna uses these values to create "Regional overview" charts for each "main" UK region:

view an example on