Historical data

Use this endpoint to access Adzuna's salary and vacancy data for 100s of 1,000s of jobs. You can filter for specific job titles, categories and locations.

For all the technical details, including a complete parameter listing and a playground to make test calls, please visit the jobs/{country}/history documentation.

Example: Salary data for IT jobs in London

The aim is to query for 6-month data for the IT-Jobs category in London:{YOUR API ID}&app_key={YOUR API KEY}&location0=UK&location1=London&category=it-jobs&content-type=application/json

The response of the above is:

  "__CLASS__": "Adzuna::API::Response::HistoricalSalary",
  "month": {
    "2013-08": 50229.99,
    "2013-10": 49795.03,
    "2013-05": 53280.68,
    "2013-07": 52318.29,
    "2013-09": 50529.68,
    "2013-06": 50701.93

Warning: Please note that the keys of the returned month javascript object will not necessarily be in the proper order. We used a YYYY-MM notation which you can process and sort as you seem fit.

Tip: For more information on how you can establish what values to use for the locationN parameters (where N = 0,1,2,...), see the Regional data call.

In Adzuna we use these values to plot the fluctuation of the average salary in our stats interface:

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