Terms of Service

Adzuna API users agree to abide by the following conditions and Adzuna’s general Terms and Conditions. Adzuna has absolute discretion over granting access to users.

Permissible Use

The Adzuna API may be used for:

  1. Publishing Adzuna ad listings
  2. Publishing Jobsworth salary estimates
  3. Personal research

Default API access limits

  • 25 hits per minute
  • 250 hits per day
  • 1000 hits per week
  • 2500 hits per month

If you wish to publish Adzuna ad listings and need to request increased rate limits then please contact us here. We are very happy to increase limits for applications where we see mutual commercial benefit - our biggest API users do millions of hits per day!

Any other use of the Adzuna API by a commercial, government or academic organisation including any affiliates or individuals, is permitted subject to a 14 day trial period. This period is strictly for the purpose of validating the general coverage and quality of the data in addition to usability testing. It may not be used in its original format or in aggregation (including but not limited to vacancy counts, average salaries etc) to deliver any ongoing work or research, apart from the purpose stated prior, without written consent. After the trial period ends, a licence agreement may be required. Contact us here for more details.

API user Obligations

Adzuna API users are encouraged to publish Adzuna listings, salary estimates and/or data, provided they comply with the following requirements:

  1. Publishing Adzuna ad listings:

    An API user shall label each displayed advert with the phrase "Jobs by Adzuna" at least 116 X 23 pixels in size, wherein the word "Jobs" shall be hyperlinked to or the relevant local domain and the word "Adzuna" shall be the Adzuna Logo Image and shall also be hyperlinked to or the relevant local domain.

    Adzuna Logo images can be found at:

  2. Publishing Jobsworth salary estimates:

    An API user shall label every Jobsworth salary estimate that they publish with an icon at least 20 x 20 pixels in size and the word "Adzuna Jobsworth". Both elements will link to An API user will add the following mouseover text to these links: "Salary estimate powered by Adzuna Jobsworth"

  3. Personal or academic research:

    An API user shall acknowledge Adzuna as the source of all salary and vacancies data wherever it is published. References should refer to: "The Adzuna API" and link to or the relevant local domain.


Adzuna reserves the right in its sole discretion to suspend an API user's participation in the Program if it suspects any violations of its terms of service.

Either party may terminate this Agreement at any time. To notify Adzuna of termination simply email info [at] adzuna [dot] com. Upon termination of this agreement, for any reason and by either party, an API user shall immediately remove all insertion codes and data acquired from Adzuna from all pages of its web sites.


An API user shall not disclose Adzuna Confidential Information without Adzuna's prior written consent. "Adzuna Confidential Information" includes without limitation: (a) all Adzuna software, technology, programming, specifications, materials, guidelines and documentation relating to the Program; (b) click-through rates or other performance statistics relating to the Program provided to an API user by Adzuna.

An API user agrees to direct all queries via Adzuna. Any attempt to contact a third party, even where they provide listings content, will be considered a breach of these terms and conditions. If an API user contacts a third party content provider their access to the API will be revoked immediately.

Any usage that appears to be an attempt to extract Confidential Information for commercial reuse will immediately be considered a breach of these terms and conditions. Creation of multiple accounts for a single entity or individual will immediately be considered misuse and a breach of these terms and conditions.


Adzuna reserves the right to change the Terms of Service at any time.