Histogram data

This endpoint returns the current distribution of salaries. Results are returned as an array of salaries and vacancies. Each salary number indicates the lower end of a range. The number of vacanices with a salary in that range is indicated by the vacancies number. This endpoint can be used to generate a "histogram distribution" of salaries.

For all the technical details, including a complete parameter listing and a playground to make test calls, please visit the jobs/{country}/histogram documentation.

Example: Salary distribution for "Finance Officer" jobs in London

The aim is to gather the salary distribution of all job ads that match the string "Fiannce Officer", specifically in London. The query looks like this:{YOUR API ID}&app_key={YOUR API KEY}&location0=UK&location1=London&what=finance%20officer&content-type=application/json

...and the response:

  "__CLASS__": "Adzuna::API::Response::SalaryHistogram",
  "histogram": {
    "10000": "31",
    "20000": "154",
    "30000": "69",
    "40000": "51",
    "50000": "42",
    "60000": "55",
    "70000": "69"

Warning: As with the Historical data response, the sort order of the keys of the histogram object is not guaranteed.

Tip: For more information on how you can establish what values to use for the locationN parameters (where N = 0,1,2,...), see the Regional data call.

In Adzuna we use these values to plot a "Salary Distribution" chart for the given query, similar to what is shown below:

View a similar example on